Project Description

Argo Vehicles Ltd

Argo Vehicles is the UK’s biggest distributor of Argo all terrain vehicles for commercial or personal use. The website in use before this one was developed had been in action since the early 90’s! Not just designs, but target audience and technology has moved on a lot since then. We developed this website using WordPress as the content management system and even provided an entire “help” section so that the client could update the website in future.

Although the primary market for Argo Vehicles was specialist use and usually with full PCs, the site had to be responsive as a lot of people now prefer using tablets for mobility. The site is fully responsive using the BootStrap framework which ensures that all content works on displays of all sizes. Our main focus was to show off the vehicles on offer with detailed specification lists as people that are looking at these tend to know exactly what they want, so the specification list and functionality of the vehicles is the top priority.

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