Project Description

Dr Prasad Kothari

Dr Prasad Kothari is an ENT surgeon based in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. A lot of medical professionals have websites currently but a lot of them looked as though they came straight out of the 90s, so keeping it modern and appealing to a wide audience was key. The main piece of information that potential clients look for is contact details as medical services often require a number of consultations explaining work to be carried out, risks, concerns and a multitude of other subjects, so we ensured that there are contact details and a contact form on each page with a sidebar.

With an ever increasing amount of web traffic now going through small screens and mobile devices, maintaining the easy to find information was essential. The layout is entirely responsive across all devices and in all orientations. Telephone numbers are linked to a phone’s dialler so they can just be pressed to dial the number, contact forms are easily tabbed through and use different base keyboards depending on the content going into the fields. Pressing on the addresses in the footer will open Google Maps (the app if it’s installed, if not then the website) which will allow for easy direction routing when visiting.

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