Project Description


You may have seen my photography from Ludfest on this website already, we also designed and developed the website for the festival. The primary focus of the website was to advise people of when the festival was taking place, so this took prime location in the main banner of the website and was visible as soon as the page was opened on both desktop and mobile versions. As the majority of the traffic was estimated to be mobile, this site was designed with that in mind.

As Ludfest is a charity event close to my heart (one of my best friend’s organise the whole thing!) I did this site as a surprise and for free to try to raise awareness of the festival. It was a very quick development time (only took 1 or 2 nights after work) as it was a project I enjoyed working on and didn’t want to stop doing it. The site gets updated every year with new photos and details of the next festival, so do keep checking back especially as the 2017 festival will be a lot smaller scale in a more intimate setting back to the festival’s roots.

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